Part 1: Statues

The Great Hall was a frantic mesh of noise and colour with students running to and fro, weaving around each other to help the wounded, or find their loved ones.

Katherine walked quickly around the many different people healing what injuries she could. She was just finishing patching up a nasty cut on a Hufflepuff’s arm when she spotted Wes looking lost at the doors of the Great Hall.

Her heart dropped as she rushed over, pulling him to the side. She set about healing his broken nose and various cuts in silence before she looked up at him “David?” her eyes pleaded with him as she checked the doorway hoping to see her boyfriend walking in.

Wes shut his eyes and shook his head, Katherine’s broken gasp disappearing into the noise of the Great Hall. Wes reached down and pulled her up on the bench beside him wrapping his arms around her. He held her close as she sobbed against him.

He looked around the Great Hall, he needed Danny. Danny would make everything better. He locked eyes with Spencer who was holding a sobbing Merril on the other side of the Great Hall. 

His face told him everything. A sharp pain shot through him as he realized that both of his best friends were gone, and they would never be returning. 

He wrapped his arms tighter around Katherine, his tears disappearing into her dark hair. Nobody was going to take her from him, she was one of the only things he had left.


Justin ran through the crowd with Chaz desperately searching the face of every blonde girl he passed. 

Scanning the beds he stopped when he saw Dwight leaning over a blonde girl with dried blood in her hair.

No. That was all Justin could think as he walked closer. Chaz came up behind him and put an arm around his waist, holding him up as he approached the bed.

Dropping to his knees beside it he reached out to take her hand tears running down his cheeks. This couldn’t be happening, not his little sister.

"What happened."

Dwight winced at the sharp tone. “There was an explosion, while she was still casting the shield charms, it sent her flying and she hit one of the walls.” He shook his head trying to forget the sight of her flying through the air like a ragdoll. “The healers said that it was instantaneous. There was no pain.”

He stood “I should go, I need to check on the others.” He hobbled past the distraught older brother, patting Chaz on the back. 

His mask broke when he heard Justin “Why didn’t you protect her?” He kept walking tears pouring down his face.

He knew it was his fault she was dead, it was the second person he had failed.


Merril was nearly inconsolable in Spencer’s arms. The boy she had treated as a younger brother was dead.

Hours of talking to each other about parent troubles in the weeks before the battle had brought them closer then ever, and now he was gone. 

There wasn’t even a body to bury, or mourn over. The Death Eater had destroyed it with an explosion curse. There was nothing left.

Spencer held the girl to him trying fruitlessly to calm her down. He knew it was hopeless, but there was nothing else he could do. His tears joined many others on the stone floor of the Great Hall.


A Strawberry blonde blur rushed through the Great Hall making it’s way to the tall brunet standing at the doors.

With a surprising amount of balance, he managed to make his way through the cots without tripping over anything. Reaching the boy he stared at him for a moment, assessing the damage before leaping into his open arms. 

His arms wrapped around the boys neck ‘You’re safe, You’re safe, thank goodness’

Shane stumbled a bit wrapping his arms around the smaller boy ‘I’m here, I’m safe, it’s okay’ He pressed a kiss to the curls.

Reed leaned back looking around “Is Micah..”

Shane just smiled nodding towards where Micah was sitting down beside Erin’s bed, where she was being fussed over by Rebecca. 

Reed smiled “Good.”


It was Blaine and Kurt who stumbled across the bed. They wee the ones who had stopped in shock, not believing what they were seeing. 

The two boys were wrapped around each other, their faces serene. Even in death it looked like they were planning something big.

The two boys who had seemed invincible to so many were gone. 

Kurt had dropped beside the bed running a hand through their blond hair, before letting his fist come to his mouth stifling his sobs. 

Blaine held his boyfriend close, watching over the bodies. 

Their only comfort was that they had died together, the same as they had lived.


Fleeing into the relative safety of the Great Hall, the three stood together, not sure where to go. It was Lucy who pulled them forwards to the corner to report to her brother about the situation outside.

Han’s face lit up when he saw his sister, pulling away from the communicatiosn centre for the first time to hug her ‘Why didn’t you report in? I was waiting..’

Lucy held up her broken wand as an answer “Got hit by a stray piece of rubble. She sighed “I really am going to miss it”

Han hugged her again “I’m just glad you’re okay” He nodded to Drew and Satoru “Thank you for taking care of her”

Drew nodded back and patted Satoru on the shoulder before wandering off to see who he could find. 

Satoru bit his lip “It was no trouble.” Lucy smiled up at him as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

Han watched them before nodding. “I better get back to it, stay in here please Lucy” he looked at his sister who shrugged.

"Sure thing, not really going to go out and fight without a wand." Lucy rolled her eyes, before kissing her brother on the cheek, watching him go back to the Communications centre.

Satoru pulled her away from the corner, stopping her a little while away and pulling her hair out of the way to show the nasty gash on her forehead.

"Let’s get you fixed up okay?"


Logan and Julian ducked behind a piece of rubble, narrowly avoiding a blasting hex as they disappeared. They leaned back over the rubble stunning one Death Eater and disarming another, before moving to another pile of rubble to do the same.

"Stop." The two leaning over the rubble looked back, realizing that there were others there. 

Derek was leaning over the body of a girl, holding her hand to him.

"Derek? Is that.. Casey?" Derek nodded minutely continuing his constant stream of healing spells, trying to heal the large gash in her stomach.

Logan immediately sat down beside him testing her pulse and exchanging a look with Julian. The girl was already dead.

Julian sat beside Derek wrapping an arm around him “D, she’s gone. There’s nothing more you can do”

"No!" Derek threw his arms off, "She’s not dead! She can’t be dead!" he wiped the tears away from his face angrily.

"You guys don’t know, she promised me she wasn’t going to leave this time. She’s not dead."

The boys shared another look over his head. “Derek, we have to get inside.” Logan touched his shoulder. “I’ll take her okay?”

Derek shook his head “No.” he slipped his arms underneath her body. “I’ll take her to Madame Pomfrey to be healed.”

Logan bit his lip allowing him to walk ahead of them, him and Julian watching his back.

"Do you think we should.." 

"No." Logan watched him carry her into the Great Hall and tenderly set her down on a bed. "We leave it, for now."