"Man the wall! Fight for your home!" The stern witch called across the courtyard releasing the statues from their places on the walls of Hogwarts Entrance Hall. 

Derek looked nervously from his spot close to the wall, his eyes connecting with Casey’s. The duelling champion held his wand tighter. His will reaffirming, he nodded to the girl. He would prove himself to her before the night was out, and keep them both alive.


Chaz and Justin ran through the halls of the clock tower, scaling the steps to their positions, holding desperately to each other for as long as they could. They both knew there was a high chance one or both of them would not be alive after tonight. 

They shared one last desperate kiss before separating to opposite ends to stand guard.


Drew and Satoru stood side by side with the communications correspondent for their team, Lucy Westwood. They had been enlisted along with Finnigan from Gryffindor to ‘Blow it up. Boom!’ 

Drew pretended not to notice the fact that Lucy and Satoru’s intertwined hands were attached so firmly to the others they were nearly turning white.


Logan and Julian fittingly only stood a few feet from Derek.  After years of friendship it felt right to go down together. 

The shared glances between the two were all they needed, there were no public displays of affection for this couple. A whispered I love you that only they would be able to hear was exchanged before they turned towards the front. 


The twins arms were linked, as they stood on the balcony of the castle, looking out on the ruins of the beloved Quidditch field.

No words were exchanged, no words ever needed to be with them. It was the bond of the two of them together, and the knowledge that no matter what it would always be the two of them.


Blaine and Kurt shared a fervent kiss in the alcove just before the seventh floor, they would be defending the Gryffindor Common Room in mere moments. 

Blaine pulled away stroking Kurt’s cheek lightly “I love you”

"I love you too" Kurt gripped his wand, his free hand covering Blaine’s.


Reed clutched at Shane, his hands lacing in the dark curls. He leaned up his forehead touching Shane’s as they stared into each other’s eyes. Their conversation was halted by a tap on Shane’s back.

Micah looking remorseful reminded the two that him and Shane had to go their post. Reed leaned up, quickly sharing a kiss with Shane before walking to help Madame Pomfrey. Shane watched him for only a moment before following Micah out of the Great Hall.


Dwight raised his wand to the sky muttering incantation after incantation along with the young girl at his side. 

The shield above them spread connecting with other pieces to protect the castle. Something the two of them tried to do on a daily basis. Laura sent him a small smile, despite Dwight not wanting her in harms way, she was out there to fight, and fight she would.


David pelted up the stairs towards the Ravenclaw Common Room, Wes close behind him. The two had just left the Great Hall where they had left Katherine behind.

Wes caught up with David at the base of the spiral staricase leading to the common room. “Hey David”


"No matter what happens up there.. Hetero Lifepartners forever right?"

David grinned clapping Wes on the back “Of course man, always, see you on the other side” He ran up the stairs to take his position inside the common room.

Wes followed his journey with his eyes biting his lip. “Yeah Hetero Lifepartners” He kicked the wall.


Spencer sent a stunning spell at the approaching Death Eater, his back to Merrils as they fought through the increasing number of black cloaks approaching. A startled shriek warned him of the Acromantula.

He felt himself being pulled out of the way of a stampeding herd of them, as he sent a cutting hex at Greyback. Grabbing Merril’s hand he pulled her out of the carnage to a safe place behind the ruins. Checking each other over, they shared a last desperate kiss before re-emerging. 


Danny swooped low over the courtyard, sending a Bludgeoning Hex at the troll’s head. Spiraling out of the way of a stunning spell, he flew around the tower once to steady himself. 

From up here he could survey almost the entire battle grounds, it didn’t look good for their side. He watched as McGonagall ushered students into the castle and out of harm’s way. 

Swooping down, he distracted the death eaters, flying a bit to close to more then one stray curse.

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