A/N: This was a drabble thought up a few days ago at the Traditional Holiday Family Sleepover that me and my siblings have :D

It wasn’t often they got to do this. Just curl up, pop a movie in and not have to worry about their futures, or school, or what others thought.

But these were the best moments. When Audee made popcorn just the way they liked it (Lot’s of butter please!) and the twins spread out blankets and pillows on the floor, making a veritable mountain of comfort.

It was the moments when the only sounds in the room were rustling sleeves as their hands turned into a blur of signing, when the only smell was Audee’s sweet perfume and the popcorn, when the three of them curled up around each other their only focus the movie and each other.

These moments were swift, disappearing almost as fast as they came. The moments were cancelled almost as often as they were planned to their shared disappointment.

These moments were the best memories they would have in a few years when they would be separated. Audee to Chicago, where she lived with her society husband, and struggled through social gatherings. The twins to New York where they took over the running of the family business. 

These moments were home, and family, and love. They would never forget them.

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